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Mam, sna may part two itong video mo at may kasama narin samples at demo para mas maayos, malinaw at maiintindihan.

Super lecture

alhamdulillah i am a student of class 4

This video is very supper also tunes

Can u get a home posting aa a lic assitant

Environment conservation-my contribution essay

You're very welcome. Thanks for watching.

Thank you, you saved me from wandering around, now I know what to do.

I normally love writing essays but at the moment I'm kinda unsure about everything that I'm writing in it so ...

Very well explained mam,I was looking for this... thank you

Nice job.

I like it

Struggle ko lang wala na akong maisip na ilalagay kapag 500 words ang kailangan huhu

very good.

Please dont use hindi language while you explaing mam

and the scores were based on a 1-4. 3 and up you passed 2 and under you failed it. i got a 2 on the paper and was told my paper was pathetic... i had the highest grade in my cp english class and me and only 4 other people in my school got a 11 and 12 on our ACT essays. the way they grade papers is ridiculous.

Too good

Had the same feeling like spongebob, when Mrs. Puff canceled the essay. I remember writing a long essay only to realized it was optional and was for extra credit.

Thanks good

Human jobs are replaced by artificial intelligent robots.some people argue that all work done by robot while other say there should be limit on robot tasks.This essay will discuss why robots are eventually consider for all works because robots are more efficient than human

Dear Varun, do we need to give initial tab space before the first sentence of each paragraph, pls respond, I am going give exam in a couple of days....

Please make this video in english. Couldnt understand anything. Aspirants who dont know hindi could also benefit...

i dont know why yall are arguing about whether or not this is boring, i dont watch this for entertainment i watch it because i have to write an essay...

This is cool

this is Very helpful . ty for this ideas

I want make my handwriting what can I do plz tell

Ravneet Gurmeet hahah

Written is not properly

I am not good at writing section..

Awesome way to put it. For me, having a detailed outline is the secret of getting work done fast and also ensuring you have addressed all the requirements of a paper

Nice video sir

great, it very useful with me, i have the midterm exams tomorrow ,

Glad to hear...Thank you

so much

Very nice and informative video thank you so much sir

Leaders Inn, Lahore

Niceeee video

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