Looking for vegetarian food that’s as delicious and delectable as its meaty counterparts? Say no more.

As a proud vegetarian, rising lifestyle blogger Oblivious D, aka Delvin Ang, had plenty to feast on during his recent visit to Chefs Gallery Bankstown!

For his “super filling and tasty dinner” that had “so many vegetarian options!”, Delvin ordered our mouth-watering takes on some vegetarian classics, with housemade egg and spinach fried tofu, plus our our irresistably crispy honey eggplant with a hint of numbing sichuan pepper.

He rounded things out with a vegetarian fried rice, with finely diced spinach, mixed vegetables, and egg. YUM!

It’s every vegetarians biggest fear to rock up to dinner with slim pickings, but Delvin definitely left satisfied, and “couldn’t believe the selection of dishes to choose from.” We got you, Delvin!

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