Chinese New Year is a special time for family and friends to all come together and share a feast for the senses.  A time for celebration and joy. This year, is the Year of the Pig - a zodiac which represents carefree fun, good fortune and wealth.  Take part in those fortuitous ambitions for 2019 by indulging in an exclusive lucky 8 course banquet menu with us.

阖家欢乐 Mixed cold dish tasting platter  六福临门 Chicken and prawn shui mai (6pcs) 甜甜蜜蜜 Black pepper pork ribs  年年有余 Shan Dong fish fillets  玉龙呈祥 Wasabi mayo king prawns  金鸡报喜 Three cup chicken  前程似锦 Vegetarian fried rice  诸事顺遂 Signature black sesame piggy buns (6pcs) $188 for 6 people

Best of all, our adorable Piggy Buns get the attention they deserve with a whole year in their honour.  Of course we had to include them in our menu!

BOOK NOW only available from 4-10 Feb 2019 at our Town Hall, Macquarie and Parramatta venues.  We look forward to celebrating with you soon!!