Updated: Nov 5, 2018

You know what they say – eat where the chefs eat.

Open House Magazine, Australia’s number one magazine for the hospitality industry, recently gave our brand new menu the insiders seal of approval!

The team were stoked about our delicious new dishes, giving shout-outs to some of the exclusive offerings across our restaurants – Town Hall’s jumbo king prawns on sake and egg white custard topped with black tobiko, Macquarie’s pan-fried red and green chillies filled with ground pork and fish paste, Parramatta’s Korean mac’n’cheese, and Hurstville’s golden battered eggplant coated with salted duck egg yolk and black tobiko. Mmm.

They were also glad to see the old favourites return, including our “emoji dessert buns and Prince and Princess Piggy dessert buns that have gained popularity through social media.”

Check out their full feature on the new menu here.